Appreciate the Journey

Appreciate the Journey
Luke 9:51

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Luke 9:51 (AMP)
51  Now when the time was approaching for Him to be taken up [to heaven], He was determined to go to Jerusalem [to fulfill His purpose].

This past Sunday, Pastor Sweeney continued the series setting up for Easter and discussed the journey Jesus took in going toward the Cross.  I will attempt to summarize some of the points Pastor brought out to more concisely fit into this blog post.

Pastor emphasized the two parts of the given subject verse: the approaching Ascension (DESTINATION: Heaven) and Jesus’ determination to go Jerusalem (PURPOSE: Calvary).  In the context of the sermon, it was stressed that Christ was intent/determined/resolute on fulfilling his purpose at Calvary, but His ultimate destination was beyond that…  on the other side of the Cross was His return to the Father!

There is nothing wrong with vision-casting.  At times, however, we become so focused on the destination (where God is taking us or what we are asking God for), that we fail to appreciate the complete journey God is bringing us through before we reach the destination.  We SHOULD have the desire and determination to fulfill our purpose and reach our destination… Jesus did.  What were you expecting for your journey to get there, though?  We say we want to be like Christ?  Well, okay… just take a look at Jesus’ journey.  Christ was hated, persecuted, lied about, mocked, beaten and tortured on His journey to the Cross.  Do we expect to only walk on mountaintops for our entire journey?!

When we find ourselves in the valley and our destination is out of sight, we may be tempted to exclaim, “God!  You’ve forgotten about me!”  However, God’s reply would be “No, this is part of the journey.”  So, what should we do when we find ourselves in the valley, disoriented and without our destination in sight?  We pull out our compass (Bible) for guidance and direction.  It will help to steer us along the right path to our destination!

Everything we do should be viewed through the perspective of simply being a PART of our journey toward Heaven… our ultimate destination!  Christ was not looking at Calvary; He was looking to His Ascension!  Sometimes, we are so focused on where we are trying to go that we forget God’s Plan goes beyond that… beyond what is right in front of us.  However, don’t be in such a hurry to get to the destination that you miss the opportunities for ministry God has strategically positioned along the way.

-Dan Rivera

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