Focus on What’s Right in Front of You

Focus on What’s Right in Front of You
(Nehemiah 3)

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There are many times that the enemy will use the natural, small-mindedness of our own humanity and intellect against us. One particular area of weakness involves the vastness of God’s abilities and His Plan for us and for those around us.  We can easily be caught up in the “impossibility” of a situation or in the “unlikelihood” of our ability to bring immediate and drastic results to a large scale issue, such as the country’s view on God and Christianity, at large.

However, an important lesson may be drawn from the passage of Scripture found in Nehemiah 3.  Nehemiah had been tasked with leading the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.  How he assigned individuals to the task of building the various sections of the wall is inspirational and still relevant for today.

The author of a Bible commentary on Nehemiah chapter 3, found at, penned the following:

The method of division shows a devolution of responsibility. Each gang had its own bit of wall or its own gate to see to. The rule regulating the assignment of districts was that, as far as practicable, every man should undertake the work opposite his own house. He was literally to “do the thing that lay nearest” to him in this business.[a]

The vast majority of us are not, as individuals, called to radically change the world. If we had the ability to do that, we would receive the glory. We are a team; a collection of believers who have been called to make every effort to radically change our own lives and encourage those we come into contact with to do the same, for God’s glory. We are called to focus on what is right in front of us!  Leave the ultimate results (local and global) to God.  He can do far more with focused individuals, than independent individuals discouraged by their own finite presence.

Who/What is right in front of you today? What can you do with the situation in front of you to make a lasting impact?




-Dan Rivera

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