Leftovers for the LORD

Leftovers for the LORD
Proverbs 3:6

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Proverbs 3:6 (TLB)
6  In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

If each day of our lives was compared to the serving of a meal, would we be seen serving the LORD, our God, the leftover scraps?

Does this seem too strong?  Well, let’s take a deeper look into the typical day.

Our morning “appetizer” may consist of a shower, breakfast and the typical morning run-around prior to the start of a work/school day.  En route to our destination for the day, we may (if God is lucky) put on the local Christian radio station to play as background music while our minds are actually spinning around our plans for the bulk of the day.

The “main course” of the day usually involves a hectic schedule of constant demands and creeping deadlines, which keep our minds focused in the carnal realm and not spiritual.  (This is by societal design and not necessarily intentional on our part.)  Those of us who are involved in frequent church activities and involved in ministry may feel that the “main course” time we devote to these activities and ministries qualify as time spent with God.  While this is partly true, what we often times fail to realize is that even in the midst of Christian service, we are not solely focused on God… but rather on the nuances of the servitude, itself.

Towards the end of the day, we find “dessert“.  Here is where (for those of us who are fortunate enough to carve out time for “dessert“) we “veg out” and watch TV or read a book or (maybe) spend time with our spouse/kids/pets/friends.  We find our “ME” time.

Discovered in the “leftover scraps” is the personal time alone with God… where we read the Bible, meditate and pray.  This is the portion of the day we try to “fit into our schedule”.

If only the “leftover scraps” portion (where we spend time alone with God) would be a scheduled part of the meal… From the nourishment gained in this personal time, we may lead our families into times of worship and devotional teaching… to further strengthen their relationship with the LORD, as well.

Will you purposefully devote a portion of your day (meal) to spending QUALITY alone time with God?  The feeling of being “full” after this part of the meal will last you throughout your day!

For additional thoughts on the topic of God being squeezed out of our lives, visit the following link:


-Dan Rivera

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