Sports Idols

Sports Idols
Luke 10:27


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Luke 10:27 (CJB)
27  He answered, “You are to love Adonai your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your understanding;

Why do we love sports more than God?  Have you noticed how, more often than not, we are quick to jump up and cheer and scream and pound the table for our favorite sports team… even stand in ticket lines to arrive early to make sure we get a good seat for the game… but when it comes to God’s House on the Lord’s day, we stroll in 20 or 30 minutes late and are groggy and drowsy and distracted for most of the service?

In an article, entitled “Modern Day Idolatry: Putting Anything Before God“, written for The Christian Post, author Hannah Wegman discusses the tendency of placing a greater priority on things before God:

Your goal as a believer is to know God better and to make Him known. Today, if you have made even the smallest gain in those areas, then you have fulfilled your purpose. There is nothing more important than knowing, loving, and seeking to glorify your Creator…

[We] must be aware that our idols today can rear their heads in various forms. While we generally see them as disgraceful, evil passions, it is important to recognize that idols can also be “good” things that we’ve made “ultimate” things. A few examples which we often put our value and confidence in may include our children, spouse, physical attractiveness, money, job, or even our friendships. We may look to money or comforts to fill a space which they cannot fill. All of these things are not inherently evil, but they become a problem when we begin to believe that they satisfy us more than God…

Especially in America, we like to be independent – the rulers over our own lives. I get that you might be hesitant to uproot your idols, because honestly sin can often appear comfortable. However, your mind will begin to change when you learn about the quality and character of God and understand how fully and deeply loved you are. You will slowly start choosing obedience out of mutual, reciprocal love. When you love someone, you will do anything to please them and never hope to hurt them. The same goes for our relationship with God, and one issue that genuinely upsets Him is the fact that we constantly choose other “lovers” (idols) over Him. [a]

Idolatry is anything or anyone we prioritize over God.  I used sports as an example for this blog, as it is a common struggle for many people.  Whatever your “idol” may be, confess it to God and commit to make every effort to put God above all else.  HE should always be our first priority!

[a]Modern Day Idolatry: Putting Anything Before God“, by Hannah Wegman, written for The Christian Post

-Dan Rivera

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