Text-to-Speech Feature – Usage Instructions

Text-to-Speech Feature
Usage Instructions

http://www.ispeech.org/embed/812318/5147456?autostart=nohttp://www.ispeech.org/ispeech.swfFree Text to Speech

Although I have not typically used Google Chrome as my primary Internet browser in the past, “Select and Speak” (an available extension for Chrome) is making me reconsider.

“Select and Speak” is available for FREE in the Chrome web store and will allow you to have the content of a web page audibly read aloud to you. After installing the free extension for the Chrome browser, all you have to do is look for the “play” button, which will be near the first words of a Website page. (See screen image of “In Your Position; In God’s Time” blog entry below and look for the blue-circle-arrow button.)

Similarly, “Browser Reader For Chrome” is also available for FREE in the Google Play Store for Android devices. (However, you’ll have to select/copy text to show the menu bar where play button is located.)

I will be updating this post soon with more detailed information. STAY TUNED!

See the screen images below for a sneak peak:

-Dan Rivera

http://www.ispeech.org/embed/812318/5147456/?style=mini&autostart=yeshttp://www.ispeech.org/ispeech-mini.swfFree Text to Speech


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