The LORD Just Might Know What He’s Doing

The LORD Just Might Know What He’s Doing
Psalm 18:30

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Psalm 18:30 (CEV)
 30 Your way is perfect, Lord,
    and your word is correct.
    You are a shield for those
    who run to you for help.

As Christians, we often give lip service to how we trust God and have faith in His Plan for our lives.  Many times, however, our lives do not reflect the “faith” of which we so freely speak.  The subject verse, Psalm 18:30, makes the declaration that the Lord’s Way is perfect…  that is, until it intersects with an issue in our lives, right?…  When we feel that God’s Word is antiquated and does not apply, in real-time, to our actual daily routines and interruptions?  At least, that is what our actions often tell those around us who are watching.

How often do they see us riding the storm with our head held high, patiently awaiting the deliverance from our Lord…  full of the peace His Holy Spirit provides.  How often to they get to see what being a Christian REALLY means and how God truly provides for His children?  How often do they get to see what they are missing in their lives without Christ?

How often does the world see our patient faith in action?

-Dan Rivera

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