With God, All Things are Possible

With God, All Things are Possible
Easter Sunday: “Day of Appearances”

Mark 16:10-11

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Mark 16:10-11 (NCV)
10  After Mary saw Jesus, she went and told his followers, who were very sad and were crying. 11 But Mary told them that Jesus was alive. She said that she had seen him, but the followers did not believe her.


In yesterday’s blog, “Holding on to Faith in the Dark“, I discussed how Jesus’ followers may have had their faith shaken.  Today, we read about just how shaken the faith was of Jesus’ own 11 remaining disciples.  After the angel appears to Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome (Mark 16:1), the angel tells the women to go inform Jesus’ followers and, specifically, Peter.

When Mary tells the disciples that Jesus is alive, Jesus’ own disciples (His closest followers) do not believe the report… even though the good report is coming from Mary Magdalene, who was also a close follower of Christ!  While the Pharisees had understood Jesus’ claim of rising from the dead and had even posted guards at the tomb to prevent the disciples from accessing the body of Christ, Jesus’ disciples did not believe the report (from someone within their own circle) of Christ’s resurrection!  To make matters worse, two more witnesses bearing news of Jesus being alive could not persuade them!

Mark 16:12-13 (NCV)
12  Later, Jesus showed himself to two of his followers while they were walking in the country, but he did not look the same as before. 13 These followers went back to the others and told them what had happened, but again, the followers did not believe them.

So, it would seem that ONLY Jesus physically appearing before them would be enough to persuade HIS OWN followers that Jesus was alive.

Mark 16:14 (NCV)
14  Later Jesus showed himself to the eleven apostles while they were eating, and he criticized them because they had no faith. They were stubborn and refused to believe those who had seen him after he had risen from the dead.

Application for today’s Christian:
When God gives you a promise, hold fast to God’s Word.  Don’t allow circumstance to shake your faith.  God is not confined within the rules of this world…  He is the Creator of Heaven and earth, water and land, man and beast.  Though the tide may be against you and it seems like all hope should be lost…



-Dan Rivera

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