When is “Christianity” a Stumbling Block?

When is “Christianity” a Stumbling Block?
Matthew 15:8-9

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Matthew 15:8-9 (GW)
8  ‘These people honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
9 Their worship of me is pointless,
because their teachings are rules made by humans.’”

Late Monday night, I had a mini conversation with a fellow blogger.  As I understood it, this person had grown up being involved in church, but had been discouraged for various reasons and lost their faith.  After I reached out to discuss relationship vs religion, the blogger posted a video (I believe it is a few years old now) of a hypothetical news interview involving three separate Christian church leaders.  The video was animated and was for entertainment purposes, but it left a very clear (and fairly accurate) message about the dysfunctional state of worldwide “Christianity” today.  I am sure that a real-life, candid interview among several various denominational church leaders would not turn out much differently than expressed in the video.

So, what can we draw from this?  When there are four churches side by side and/or across from each other (I’ve seen it), there is a problem.  Why?  Imagine if these church bodies lifted up CHRIST instead of their individual church doctrines (see subject verse)… what could be accomplished in that community…  and in that city…  and in that county?

Why must we allow our pride to get in the way of fulfilling our purpose?  Our purpose is to preach the Good News of the Gospel so that the peoples of the world may find peace in the redemptive promise of our perfect Savior.

Where is one major area we have fallen short?  In allowing divisions to creep into our congregations.

I, of course, have my convictions and my beliefs in how Christianity is lived out.  HOWEVER, I am also trying to be conscious that many of the issues being battled over within Christianity are not the “life and death” issues… they will not be the overarching issues that justify being a stumbling block to the rest of the world.  Our main mission remains the same.  When “Christians” bicker and fight, who REALLY loses?  The world we are called to reach!

Let’s try to work together in the Name of Christ.  Let’s pull the knives and swords out of the backs of our Christian brothers and sisters and point our weapons at our true common enemy, who is the enemy of our God…  the god of this world!

I am pleading with all my fellow Christians out there…  join me in standing up for our faith, not our prideful arrogance and denominational affiliations!

To my fellow blogger from Monday night, I apologize on behalf of all Christians worldwide, as we have failed to be “Christian”, after all.

-Dan Rivera

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  1. AMEN! Our adversary would rather have us argue with Christians than speak to unbelievers about our great God.
    By the way, what is the bottom part of a fraction called? – Denominator
    We see where the word denomination comes from – the church being fractured.

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