Let Your Light Shine!

Let Your Light Shine!
Matthew 5:16

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Matthew 5:16 (GW)
16  In the same way let your light shine in front of people…

So, here I am… right now… sitting in Chick-fil-a… ready to lead a Bible study… that should have started 20 min ago.  The reason the study hasn’t started yet?  I’m the ONLY one here!

However, that is not entirely true, you see, which is what I am going to drive at in this post.  I am surrounded by people… just no one who actually came here this evening to attend the Bible study!  That is okay, though.  The intended subject of the study?… “Are You a ‘Fifth Gospel’ Christian?

This is a perfect opportunity for me to live this lesson out in real time.  As I sit here with a drink, but no food… the table covered with color photo printouts of the lesson, I am drawing attention.  While I would rather have a group with me discussing the topic to draw the attention, I will take what God has given me.

The patrons of the Chick-fil-a at this Waugh Chapel location are being treated to a sight of multiple papers asking a question in big, bold letters…

Are You a Fifth Gospel Christian?

My prayer, even as I sat here BEFORE the 7pm start time, was that God would bring the right customers by who needed to be challenged by this interrogative phrase…  Those who needed to be pricked by the challenge. My prayer is that these words will “haunt” them in their beds… haunt them in their cars… haunt them on their jobs… haunt both Christians and non-Christians, alike.

May God use my obedience in sitting here for HIS honor and for HIS glory and for the furtherance of HIS Kingdom!  In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, AMEN!

-Dan Rivera

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