Faith on a Mission!

I wanted to give my audience a sneak peak into what I am currently working on… my “additional” ministry opportunity. I pray that this endeavor will be a blessing to many people and bring glory and honor to God!

(Note: The site is still under construction. I will post an update when the site goes “fully” live.)


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Custom Video Ads For Any Business

Faith on a Mission!

This is it…  a stepping stone…  a decision to move forward…  to serve…  to create…  to use my God-given talents for HIS glory!  I am creating ‘Faith On Display Graphics’ for the purpose of providing the Christian community with low-cost video graphics solutions for use within church services, Christian retreats, business meetings, Facebook advertisements or a myriad of other user-defined options.

While Faith On Display Graphics will be a For-Profit business, my overarching goal is to provide a needed service to the Christian community…  to provide a ministry of blessing others in digital media services and increased finances.  Even in offering the easy-to-achieve-success 50/50 Referral Program, I am hoping to be a blessing to ANYONE who may need a little extra cushion in their bank account.

My prayer is that this business will provide cutting-edge digital media solutions for those who could not normally afford…

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