A Faithful Friend

A Faithful Friend

God has given me many blessings in my life;
He has always encouraged me in sorrow and strife.
Yes, I have had plenty of good times over the years,
But there have also been many heartaches and tears.
He has used many diverse things to complete His task,
But many more of one special thing I always ask.
You see, what has blessed me more than any other,
Is having some faithful Christian sister or brother
Who will stand by my side and help me fight
When the battle gets tough and I lose my sight
Of my supreme Commander-in-Chief and fall,
Giving in, unheeding my Lord’s pleading call.
With God’s help through them, I soon begin
To get up and fight Satan’s evil forces again.
Then there are those times I find myself stopping to think
How God saw me in the Pit of Despair beginning to sink
And sent someone my way to help pull me out
So I could once again give a victory shout.
Yes, God has given me many a faithful friend
Who would stand by me till the bitter end,
But none have been as faithful and true,
Kind, patient, and understanding as you.
Had it not been for your encouraging words to me,
My life may have ended in utter catastrophe.
Thank you for allowing me my sorrows to share;
Thank you for helping me my burdens to bear.
Of course, the Lord deserves all the honor and glory,
But without your help, I could be telling a different story!

-Dan Rivera

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