Another Drinking Night

Another Drinking Night

It was 3 a.m. on another drinking night
And Tom’s face was bruised from a recent fight.
He stumbled as he walked; His speech was slurred.
Tom got in his car though his vision was blurred.
As he fired it up and put it in gear,
Tom squealed the tires and sipped another beer.
He roared down the long, winding road,
Through the curves and crossings, but never slowed.
Upon entering one particular curve,
Tom lost control, locked the brakes and began to swerve.
His car crossed the double striped, yellow line
Forcing an oncoming car off the road into a pine.
When all was settled and the dust began to clear,
There was only Tom’s idling engine for none to hear.
The other car was quiet, pieces scattered;
Though Tom’s car had only been mud splattered.
Tom was unconscious and began to dream,
And in his dream, he awoke to a little girl’s scream.
He found himself sitting in a crowded waiting room
And the faces around him were filled with gloom.
In a corner of the room stood a young girl sobbing.
In concern for her, Tom forgot about his head throbbing
And walked over to the girl and asked what was wrong.
He said that in a hospital she did not belong.
“They told me that my mommy passed away,”
She sobbed. “Mommy isn’t coming back they say!
Now my mommy will never hold me;
She didn’t know I was in her belly!”
Tom’s eyes were filled with tears,
And he cried for the first time in years.
He suddenly awoke to the sounds of the rescue crew.
Lights everywhere were flashing red and blue.
A policeman was there to place him under arrest
And Tom did not fight; he could not protest.
He only asked if his wife had been notified;
Tom was sure she would be horrified.
The policeman’s face was grim
As he looked straight back at him
And said that while Tom was at the bar
His wife had been looking for him in the other car!

-Dan Rivera

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