God’s Greatest Blessing

God’s Greatest Blessing

God has richly blessed me on this earth;
His greatest blessing was my second birth.
In Heaven that day, there was much rejoicing,
As praises to God all the angels were voicing,
Praising Him for His marvelous grace,
The grace He bestows upon the human race.
That day I felt His love for me,
The love that sent Him to Calvary’s tree.
Yes, I came to Him a sinner and left a saint;
I shouted and sang without restraint.
I longed to tell others of Christ’s love
So that they, too, may secure a home above.
Oh, how I wanted to share the story
Of how Jesus left His home in Glory
To die not only for all my sin,
But for all the sins of mortal men;
For by the blood of Christ alone
May we approach the Father’s throne.
However, many people miss this blessing,
As they refuse to come to Him confessing,
Asking Him all their sins to forgive,
To purge their iniquity that they might live
In Heaven with Him forever and ever,
There to die no more, no, never.
Some may believe what I have said is true;
I have accepted Christ, will you?

-Dan Rivera

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