My Life In A Glimpse

(Note: This poem was written during a darker period of my life.)

My Life In A Glimpse

I remember the days of old
When as a wee, little child,
My life was starting to mold
And take shape, like some wild
Adventure through the dark, vast
Wastelands of my living room.
I recall how life was in the past;
Happy, carefree, ignorant of the doom
Of adulthood with all its responsibilities.
Not having to deal with this dog-eat-dog world
And all the daily stress and hostilities
Causing my cerebral organ to become unfurled.
Life as a child was good back then.
For what other possible concern
Could I have but for the moment way back when?
It seems that I had much to learn.
Years later, I know the awful truth;
That I will always be looking back,
Constantly reflecting on my youth,
Waiting for the day my life fades to black.

-Dan Rivera

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