A Perfect Love

A Perfect Love

Some say love is sweet;
Some say love is cruel.
It will knock one off his feet
And make another a fool.
Love is said to conquer all,
No matter what storms may come.
Though, often times, one may fall
Wondering where the troubles came from.

Some are fortunate to find the perfect one,
The one they had always hoped for.
Now with the love search done,
Could love possibly grow more?
As the years come and go
And life nears its end,
It will be nice to know
Your love is still your best friend.

Some do not have such luck
And settle for another,
Though cupid’s arrow never struck.
Having ignored the advice from Mother,
They go through life never knowing true love.
They never know the love that lasts forever,
The love that only comes from above
Never decreasing, diminishing never.

-Dan Rivera

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