Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day

As dawn approached on the first day of the week,
Two women came to the tomb where Christ was laid.
To them, the future seemed meaningless and bleak,
What about all those promises He had made?

Suddenly, the earth began to quiver and quake
As an angel in white descended from Heaven.
For fear of him the Roman guards did shake,
Falling down and becoming as dead men.

He sat upon the stone, which had been rolled away,
And said unto the women, “Have no fear:
I know ye seek Jesus; come see where He lay,
For the Lord has risen, He is not here!

Go quickly and the good news employ
That Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.”
So they ran from the tomb with great joy
And told of all that had been done and said.

And now, because of this marvelous event,
After Jesus Christ for all my sins did pay,
I know that to hell I will never be sent.
Praise God for that glorious, resurrection day!

-Dan Rivera

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