That First Christmas Day

(Note: A celebration of Christ’s birth, regardless of the actual “day” he was physically born.)

That First Christmas Day

On that first Christmas day, early in the morn
In a town called Bethlehem, a wee little babe was born.
Of royal blood, King of the Jews was He.
Only in this babe, a king they could not see.
For He was placed in a manger (being born in a stable);
With a carpenter for a father, how was He able
To be the promised Messiah of the Jews?
Anyone not meeting a king’s standards they would refuse.
They wanted their king to be rich and wealthy,
Clothed in robes and riches and very healthy;
Not staying in the desert for weeks to fast,
Asking the heavenly Father to have His Will at last.
So they took Jesus and nailed Him to that old Tree.
There He willingly bled and died for you and me.
He shed His blood that we might have remission of sin,
And this pardon of sin He offers to all men
That they may know the fullness of his grace,
Spend eternity in Heaven and see His face,
Praising His Holy Name for His saving power
Which can be called upon any day, at any hour.
Yes, that first Christmas day was truly glorious,
As over death and hell He would soon be victorious!
And now, because of Christ’s tremendous love,
We are all offered an eternal home above.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my salvation,
For there is now, therefore, no condemnation!

-Dan Rivera

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