The God Given Talents of a Christian

The God Given Talents of a Christian

Each Christian was given a talent with which souls to reach.
Some, like myself, God gave the ability and desire to teach.
Others, God gave the talent of the ability to preach.
Everyone, though, is for sinners to urgently beseech!

Teachers show believers how to follow God’s commands
And not to have the blood of sinners on their hands.
Preachers instruct believers what, of them, God demands
And, when ignored, must sadly watch as God reprimands.

However, the ability that all of us desperately need
Is, for sinners, to earnestly and fervently plead!
To testify how that for them Jesus did bleed
And hope that our warning of hell they will heed.

So, although our talent may come in any form or fashion,
We must be careful that our talent we in no way ration
And to strive to have, for souls, a deep passion
Which may be compared to that of Christ’s compassion!

-Dan Rivera

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