The Great Compromise

The Great Compromise

Things are different in our world today;
“The times are changing,” is what they say.
In days gone by, Christians earnestly prayed;
My, how far from God we have strayed!

Now many saints only pray over their meal
Or when faced with some great ordeal.
It used to be that God was worshipped in church;
Today, ears are tickled in the new members search.

Once upon a time, God’s Word was diligently studied
And with the blood of martyrs the streets were bloodied.
In this society, the closet holds the dusty Bible;
Our once great nation is in desperate need of revival!

So take up your Bible and spread the Word,
For many are still without Christ, having never heard.
Stand up for the Lord; be strong and wise,
Vowing not to give in and never to compromise!

-Dan Rivera

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