The Neglected Boy

The Neglected Boy

There once was a boy whose name was Kyle;
He was born and raised in the city of Vile.
On Sunday, he would romp about with the other boys
Or stay in his room and play with his toys.

He knew little of God or the penalty for sin
Or how to fill the empty feeling within.
No one ever told him of the place called hell
And its sufferers with pain they cannot quell.

Had he known of this terrible, awful place,
Perhaps he would have sought God’s grace,
But his parents did not believe in such a thing
And only used the name while blaspheming.

His Christian neighbors were much too proud
To witness or even say Jesus’ name out loud,
And the Baptist church only a block away
Did not warn of the impending judgement day.

So, when one day Kyle was killed in a fire,
He awoke to feel pain greater than any prior,
For he had never cried, “Lord, save me!”
And now was doomed to hell for all eternity.

-Dan Rivera

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