The Wealthy Poor Man

The Wealthy Poor Man

In the new testament, Jesus taught using a parable;
To understand these parables the people were often unable.
However, one parable was given true and clear,
And the outcome of this parable happens repeatedly each year.

It was the true story of Lazarus and the rich man.
Speaking to the Pharisees, our Christ began
To tell of a man who fared sumptuously every day,
But had a poor man outside he wished would go away.

For the poor man was full of sores the dogs did lick,
And seeing this man every day, made him sick.
Lazarus sat at his gate and begged for food,
But it was rarely given him with the rich man not in the mood.

Finally, Lazarus died and at last was gone;
However, the rich man also died, perhaps before dawn.
When the rich man’s eyes were opened, words could not tell
The horror he felt, for lo and behold, he was in hell!

Lifting his eyes, he saw Lazarus in paradise
With Abraham and begged for a compromise.
The rich man said, “Father Abraham, have mercy on me,
For I am told in torments will I be for eternity.

Please send Lazarus with his wet finger,
For though I am dead, my senses linger!
I can still feel pain and this tremendous heat,
And even now, am I in agony complete.

One cool drop would be a great comfort,
Or else to utter grief I shall resort!”
Abraham said, “My son, you received the good things of life,
While Lazarus suffered many heartaches and strife.

Many times, he sat outside your gate, extremely poor,
But no food was given him, though you had plenty more.
Now, for eternity in paradise he shall be comforted,
And likewise, thou forever in hell shall be tormented.

Besides, between here and there is a great canyon,
And crossing over would be entering Satan’s dominion.
You cannot come to us; we cannot come to you,
For, behold, the canyon allows no one through!”

The rich man replied, “Please send Lazarus from the dead;
I have five brothers which lives without God have led.
If Lazarus could rise and warn them of this place,
I know they would listen and seek God’s face.”

Abraham answered, “They have been told
Already, many times, by the prophets of old,
But they rejected these men and the one true God,
And ungodly lives they continue to trod.

Soon, they will join you in anguish and grief;
They, too, shall seek but not find relief.
You and your brothers could have done things God’s way,
But in refusing Him, you chose hell as your eternal stay!”

Although this parable was given long ago,
Many more, to hell, will continue to go.
So, now you have a choice to make,
The choice of which path your soul will take.

Many choose to go against the grain
And spend eternity, in hell, in agony and pain
Rather than choose to go with God’s eternal salvation.
So, concerning your salvation, I ask this question…

Will you be like the rich man with his heart so cold,
Or Lazarus who, though earthly poor, had riches untold?

-Dan Rivera

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