To My Friend

(Note: This is another poem that was dedicated to Amanda Hayes.)

To My Friend

I saw you weeping today and wondered why,
Who or what could have hurt you so and made you cry?
I longed to comfort you and make you feel better
And help you remember our good times together.

I wanted to show you that things are not so bad,
And there was no reason for feeling so sad.
You could tell me your problems and burdens share,
For I am concerned for you and really do care.

I know many times when I am down and feeling blue,
Highly discouraged, not knowing what to do,
You are always there for me and can understand
Every problem and every trial I have on hand.

So I just wanted to return the favor,
As this is only proper behavior.
To you I offer an always open door,
For what else could friends be possibly for?

-Dan Rivera

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