What God’s Great Love Accomplished

What God’s Great Love Accomplished

As they led Him to the cross that day,
What were they thinking, what did they say?
Of course, many chose to curse and spit,
While still others did our Savior hit.
To yell and mock was the purpose of the mob,
But for compassion on the people His heart did throb.
His body was beaten, His flesh was torn;
Still, many chose to laugh Him to scorn.
A crown of thorns His head adorned
For refusing to comply, He had been warned.
Yet, through this cruelty, Jesus kept His peace,
As His denial as God they tried to release.
For they did not want to hear of a place called hell;
Still, of this awful place, our Lord Jesus Christ did tell.
He warned them from their sin to deviate;
For only Jesus could their sin eradicate.
He warned them that because of man’s sin,
No one was worthy or could even begin
To pay the debt for the sin which was due;
For no man could come to the Father but through
His precious son, Jesus Christ, and then
Would they know the grace offered all men.
And as they nailed Him to that old tree,
He must have had thoughts about you and me;
For it was for you and me Jesus bled and died
And on that cruel cross was willingly crucified.
Then, only three days later came the resurrection,
And now He sits by the Father making intercession.
For this, His holy name will I forever extol,
As my destination is beyond Satan’s control.
One day, the Lord will call me home,
And on this earth I will no longer roam.
I will live in a mansion and walk the golden street;
Yes, life’s journey will be made complete.
My question is, are you one of the brethren,
When I am called home, will I see you in heaven?
If not, at the Great White Throne will be a sad sight,
As you are cast into hell for not having a heart contrite.

-Dan Rivera

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